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Applicable to all thermoplastic and thermosetting resins

Chopped fiberglass was cut from E-glass roving, treated by silane-based coupling agent and special sizing formula, has good compatibility and dispersion with PP PA. With good strand integrity and flowability. Finished products have excellent physical and mechanical properties and surface appearance .The monthly output is 5,000 tons, and the production can be adjusted according to the order quantity. 

Has passed the EU CE certification, Products comply with ROHS standard.


1.Applicable to all thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, good compatibility with resins, high product strength

2. Combined with resin, the permeability is fast and the resin is saved

3.Excellent product color and hydrolysis resistance

4.Good dispersion, white color, easy to color

5.Good strand integrity and low static

6.Good wet and dry fluidity


PP PA chopped strands are mainly used to combine with resins to form masterbatches, polymers, plastic granules, etc.
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Ruiting Technology Hebei Co.,Ltd ,established in 2012, is a professional fiberglass manufacturer in north China, which located at Guangzong County,Xingtai City, Hebei Province.China. As a professional fiberglass enterprise,mainly manufactures and distributes a wide range of E type fiberglass products, such as fiberglass roving,fiberglass chopped strands, fiberglass chopped strand mat,fiberglass woven roving, needled mat, fiberglass fabric and so on.The E-glass products are compatible with the various resins,such as EP/UP/VE/PA and so on.
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