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  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber composites have huge development space in the future


    Composite materials have been widely used in aerospace vehicles, such as aircraft fuselage, wing, internals, rocket and missile engine shell, missile ammunition box, nozzle, launcher, radome and pressure vessel. Specifically, there are two main categories of subdivided products of composite materials in the aerospace field, one is carbon fiber composite materials, the other is glass fiber composite materials. Read More

  • Global Carbon Fiber Prepreg Market - Composite Materials


    The global carbon fiber prepreg market is expected to witness rapid growth due to the increasing demand for lightweight components with higher durability in the aerospace and automotive industries. Our company Ruiting Technology Hebei Co.,Ltd also sees broad prospects in the carbon fiber prepreg market and will increase the production volume. Read More

  • Global Glass Fiber Market Outlook Overview (2022-2028)


    Demand for fiberglass is forecast to rise at a CAGR of 4.3% during 2022-2028, reaching a valuation of $13.1 billion by 2028, compared to the current market size of $10.2 billion. Read More

  • Application of Fiber Reinforced Composites in Automobiles


    In automobiles, fiber reinforcement composite materials can be mainly used in structural parts such as engine covers, fenders, roofs, trunks, door panels, and chassis. Carbon fiber was originally mainly used in racing cars. With the continuous maturity and development of composite material technology for vehicles, it is now widely used in super sports cars and high-value civilian cars. In the application of commercial vehicles, it has gradually extended from heavy trucks to buses and light trucks. Read More

  • Composites slake the world's thirst


    desalination of seawater for use as fresh water by reverse osmosis.Osmosis occurs when two solutions, composed of solute (dissolved inorganic solids, such as salt) mixed with a solvent (in this case, water) are separated by a semipermeable membrane. The solvent molecules move through the membrane in Read More