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Application of glass fiber

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  • History of glass fiber


    From early human civilization construction to future innovation, composite materials have played an important role in the entire human history. Whenever, composite materials can make the world a better place.ancient timeThe earliest use of composite materials originated from the ancient Mesopotamian Read More

  • Us fiberglass Market


    United States Fiberglass Market stood at USD2313.90 million in 2020 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4.85% until 2026. Growth in the United States Fiberglass Market is driven by their widespread usage in a variety of applications, from infrastructure sector to aerospace and defense industries. F Read More

  • Progress and application of glass fiber in various industries


    1) Electronics. Printed circuit board (PCB) has the basic and necessary characteristics in the electronic and electrical industry. Electronic computer, aviation computer, automobile computer and other directions are the major demand for glass fiber. From the perspective of product chain, glass fiber Read More

  • What’s fiberglass, and how does the delicate material reinforce thousands of products?


    Fiberglass may not be a flashy material, but it’s ubiquitous. It’s also big business. “Today there are over 40,000 applications just for reinforcement glass fiber,” Korwin-Edson says. Worldwide, manufacturers make some 5 million metric tons of the stuff annually, mainly for insulation and composites. Read More

  • Different uses of glass fiber in automobile industry


    Fiberglass in CarsIn the modern world, there are many vehicle parts currently being made of fiberglass, especially sports cars where weigh is crucial. Fiberglass is mainly used in the front and rear bumpers, hoods, doors, and casings. Another area where this material is used is the timing belts and Read More

  • Top Uses of Fiberglass


    Fiberglass is known as a fiber reinforced plastic using glass fiber, the glass fibers can be rearranged, flattened into a sheet or woven into a fabric. Glass fibers were originally combined with polyester resin and used for wool home insulation. The combination made a durable composite which made it Read More