Fiberglass mesh is woven with medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn and coated with alkali-resistant polymer emulsion

The products have passed BV,SGS and ISO9001 certification.

Good flexibility   High pressure  Environmental protection


three levels

A grade: gold pot technology roving + 15% latex coating, this coating has Alkali-resistant coating

B grade:1 Soil pot technology roving + Latex coating 2 gold pot technology roving +B grade Latex coating       Alkali-resistant

C grade:Soil pot+ urine coating 2 Soil pot+urine coating + powder


1. Good chemical stability. It is resistant to alkali, acid, water, cement erosion and other chemical corrosion; it has strong binding force with resin and is easily soluble in styrene.

2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.

3. Better dimensional stability, hard, flat, not easy to shrink, deform and position.

4. Good impact resistance. (Due to its high strength and toughness)

5. Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation.

Internal wall insulation AR-glass fiber mesh

Total Weight(g/m2):60 75 80 85
Mesh Size(hole/inch):4*4  5*5mm
Width:conventional 1m
Roll length:50m or 100m customizable
Features:Alkali resistance、 High strength、 Good positioning、 Anti-cracking
Application:Metope renovation and interior wall insulation
External wall insulation fiberglass mesh
Total Weight(g/m2):145 160
Mesh Size(hole/inch):4*4 5*5 or 4*5 mm
Width:conventional 1m
Roll length:50m or 100m or 200m  customizable
Features:Stable structure 、 Good alkali resistant performance、  Best enhancement effect
Application:Cement 、gypsum 、walls buildings and other structures inside and outside surface enhancement, crack
GRC products enhanced fiberglass mesh
Total Weight(g/m2):25~165
Mesh Size(hole/inch):4*4 5*5 or 10*10 mm
Width:conventional 1m
Roll length:50m or 100m  customizable
Features:High strength, Good alkali resistance, can be persistent resistance to alkali stale and pedantic scholar
Application:Cement concrete products, GRC wall panels, GRC components an ideal reinforcing material.
Production process

Company information

Hebei Yuniu Fiberglass Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fiberglass products with more than 10 years experience. Our company own the most advanced fiberglass production lines, including platinum crucible drawing, chopped strands mat and needle mat production line. Our production has a achieved series in specification,diversification in variety and standardization in quality. Our main products are E-glass roving, Chopped strands mat,Woven roving,and chopped strands.


Fiberglass mesh is usually wrapped in polyethylene bags, and then 4 rolls are packed into a suitable corrugated box. A standard 20-foot container can be filled with about 70,000 m2 of fiberglass mesh, and a 40-foot container can be filled with about 150,000 m2 of fiberglass mesh.

Transportation: sea or air

Delivery details: 15-20 days after receiving the advance payment

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