Our leaders at Raetin exemplify all of the qualities that make our employee extraordinary: integrity, expertise and a commitment to service.
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our executive team
Raetin's leadership team is comprised of the most knowledgeable people in the fiberglass industry. With insight, experience, vision, commitment and complete integrity, they have built a company that is dedicated to the success of their employees and clients.


"People only really flourish when they are able to work as a team."

As CEO, Andy’s focus is to enhance the performance of the fiberglass materials business to benefit clients, employees, and local community. She believes fiberglass deserve sustainable production and value-added. Andy has established himself as a strong and successful leader, serving as a chief operating officer during 2012 and playing a leading role in the growth of the Raetin’s fiberglass business in Xingtai, Hebei, China.

Prior to that role, she served as a loyal leader, as well as a easy-going mentor to all Raetiners. Today, she is overseeing the creation of new fiberglass materials possibilities, she is building up a supply chain to better serve our clients, and she is leading the local economy through a significant organic and acquisition-based growth.
Susan Xu
Chief Executive Officer

"Win-win is a belief in Roetell. It’s not your way or my way, it’s a better way, a higher way."

Susan Xu joined Raetin as CEO in 2016, bringing more than 8 years’ supply chain experience in fiberglass composite materials industry. As a godfather to countless domain manufacturing companies, Susan foresees the future of fiberglass composites, and most importantly, the rapidly-changing needs of our customers.

Since joining Raetin, Susan has constructed the full supply chain of fiberglass and implemented strong management focussed on quicker product supplies. In her words – It’s our responsibility to bring the best fiberglass products to global brands, and anything beyond to improve their brand value.
Our Team
International Department

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."

The Raetin team was established in 2016 for sustainable and scalable revenue growth. With service at its core, the team always attracts new customers and provides them with the best-in-class service in the fiberglass industry.

Raetin is a dynamic and vigorous group. With the development of Raetin's business, we have served manufacturers and traders in 86 countries around the world. We firmly believe that under the call of common cause, the growing Raetin will become the You bring more mature technology and higher quality products.
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