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Fiberglass Chopped Strands Manufacturers 
in China
Chopped Strands are made by bundling thousands of E-glass fiber together and chopping them into specified length. 
They are coated by original surface treatment designed for each resin to increase the strength and physical properties.
Raetin fiberglass chopped strands cater to different industries including building reinforcement, plastic reinforcement, automotive field, etc.
It is also a very competitive product to replace polyester fiber, lignin fiber and other products for reinforcing mortar concrete.
For thermoplastic
For concrete
ARG fiber
For brake pads
For mat
It can be combined with all resins to form thermoplastic and thermoplastic pellets. Finished products reinforced with fiberglass have high strength. Widely used in the manufacture of auto parts, household appliances, pipe production, packaging production and other fields.
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