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  • Q Pilates 5-Piece Set FAQ

    What are the materials of Pilates 5-piece equipment?
    The materials of Pilates 5-piece equipment include elastic rope, ball handle made of PVC, EVA ring foot ring, long tension belt and yoga mat. All of these materials are safety tested and quality certified to ensure the safety and longevity of the equipment.
    What is the production process of Pilates five-piece equipment?
    The production process of Pilates five-piece equipment includes material procurement, design and development, manufacturing, and quality testing. We use modern production equipment and technology to ensure that the quality and performance of the equipment meet the standard requirements.
    Do you support customization of Pilates five-piece equipment?
    We support customization of Pilates five-piece equipment, which can be customized according to customers' needs and requirements, including color, logo, material and other aspects.
    What is the packaging and shipping method of Pilates 5-piece equipment?
    We will pack the Pilates five-piece equipment professionally, including cartons, bubble bags, PE bags, etc., to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during the transportation process. We will choose the appropriate transportation methods, including sea freight, air freight, express delivery, etc., to ensure that the equipment can reach the customer on time and safely.
    What is the price of Pilates 5-piece equipment?
    The price of Pilates five-piece equipment will vary depending on the material, process, customization requirements, quantity and other factors. We will quote according to the customer's needs and requirements to ensure a reasonable and fair price. We will also offer discounts and discounts based on factors such as order quantity and customer reputation.
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