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What are the parts that can be exercised by the rowing machine?

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Rowing machine is a kind of indoor fitness equipment simulating rowing exercise, which has a better effect on the muscle strengthening of legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. If rowing is a sport that challenges big rivers and rapids, then the rowing machine is the best and most effective exercise for it on land. Each rowing, need to upper limbs, lower limbs, waist and abdomen, back in the process of completing a complete contraction and stretching, so that not only can exercise the muscles of the whole body, the fun of the exercise process is easier to let the obese people who want to lose fat stick to it.


Rowing machine, water resistance rowing machine

Now most gyms have a rowing machine, whether it is used for warm-up, as cardio, or planned as interval training, rowing machine can let you multiple wishes at once to meet. About 80% of the body's major muscle groups, including legs, arms, back, abdominal core muscles, etc., are involved in rowing, making it a complete and efficient exercise. Rowing machine is suitable for people who are not usually active. In the maximum exercise test under different fitness equipment, the rowing machine can be lower heart rate, higher oxygen uptake and produce higher energy consumption, and can promote physical fitness, more use of the whole body muscles to achieve the effect of body sculpting.

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