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Main characteristics of alkali-free (E) glass fiber

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The alkali-free glass fiber has a series of superior properties, so it is widely used in polymer composite felt materials.

Excellent chemical properties

  The biggest feature of glass fiber is its high tensile strength. The tensile strength of general glass fiber products is 10-20kg/mm2, and the alkali-free glass fiber with a diameter of 5υm has a tensile strength of up to 300kg/mm2 which is 15-30 times higher than the former.

Excellent electrical performance

  The excellent electrical properties of glass fiber are mainly measured by resistivity, dielectric constant ε and dielectric loss tangent tgδ.


Good chemical stability

  The chemical stability of glass fiber refers to its ability to resist corrosion by water, acid, alkali and media. The water resistance of alkali-free glass fiber is the best among glass fibers, and it belongs to the first-level hydrolysis level.

  The alkali-free glass fiber is slightly less acid resistant, not as good as other glass fibers, but has better alkali resistance and better than other glass fibers. The specially developed E-CR glass fiber not only maintains the high strength of alkali-free glass fiber, but also significantly improves the acid resistance.

High heat-resistant temperature

  Glass fiber does not burn and has good heat resistance. The softening point of alkali-free glass fiber is 840 degrees. The strength retention rate of the treated glass fiber at 600 degrees is 30%, and the strength retention rate of glass yarn and cloth at 600 degrees is 20%.

  Glass fiber has many advantages and is a widely used inorganic material, but it also has significant shortcomings because it is a brittle material with poor flexibility and poor wear resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to chemically treat the glass fiber to improve its flexibility and abrasion resistance.


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