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Knowledge about FRP pipes

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FRP pipe is also called glass fiber wound sand pipe (RPM pipe). Mainly use glass fiber and its products as reinforcement materials, use macromolecular components of unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, etc. as basic materials, and use inorganic non-metallic particulate materials such as quartz sand and calcium carbonate as fillers as main raw materials.

The standard effective length of the tube is 6m and 12m.


Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe production process

There are three processes for making FRP pipes: fixed-length winding process, centrifugal casting process and continuous winding process.

The fixed-length winding process is more widely used in the domestic market.

Fixed-length winding process: on a pipe mold with a certain length, spiral winding or hoop winding process is used to manufacture pipes layer by layer from inside to outside within the length of the pipe mold. In this process, the dipping tank reciprocates with the rotating core mold, and the long-fiber glass filaments are auxiliary placed relative to the core mold axis at a certain oblique angle. The auxiliary angle (that is, the winding angle) is affected by the moving speed of the dipping tank and the core. The ratio of the mold speed is controlled, and the translational movement of the dipping tank is controlled by computerized electromechanical. The number of winding layers gradually increases until the designed wall thickness is reached. After winding, the resin in the product is basically cured. After curing, the core mold is removed from the glass steel pipe.

FRP pipe characteristics

It has excellent anti-corrosion performance, no cathodic anti-corrosion protection and other anti-corrosion measures will not cause secondary pollution to water and other media. The product has a long service life.

The winding weight of FRP pipes is only 1/4 of that of ductile iron pipes of the same specification and length, and 1/10 of that of cement pipes. It is convenient to transport, load and unload, and easy to install.

The long length of a single pipeline reduces pipeline joints, speeds up installation, and improves the quality of the entire pipeline. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth to reduce flow resistance, increase flow rate, and reduce energy consumption.

Using smaller diameter pipes to transport the same flow of fluid can increase the flow by about 10% compared with steel pipes of the same specification.

No scaling, long-term use does not reduce the flow rate. The protection of cables in heavy corrosion environments has good effects.

Installation and maintenance

Before installation, dig a groove at the corresponding pipe interface of the foundation, so that the bottom of the entire pipe body is placed on the original soil or sand cushion, and the force is evenly received. FRP pipes can be packaged and transported during transportation, saving fuel consumption and other costs. During installation, the winding of medium and small diameter FRP pipes generally does not require heavy machinery, and some can even be handled manually, which improves the installation speed. After long-term use, the solidification of sludge and rust in the pipe will cause the original pipe diameter to become smaller, which cannot satisfy the maximum discharge flow. The flow rate is flat, the entangled blockage of FRP pipes increases exponentially, and the sewage discharge function is interrupted at any time. Therefore, regular maintenance is required for the winding of FRP pipes.


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