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Is the treadmill good for fitness?

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Is the treadmill good for fitness?

When it comes to fitness equipment, it is necessary to mention the treadmill. Especially for people living in first-tier cities, busy work and life often become an important reason to crush the health of the body. And no time to go to the gym, then find a good home treadmill has become the most inexpensive means of maintaining good health.



Treadmill fitness effect is good

Running is a whole body aerobic exercise, through the combination of fat and oxygen in the body to provide energy for the body, consume body fat. Scientific research proves that long and continuous running is more calories consumed than any other aerobic exercise equipment.

In the case of high intensity treadmill is the absolute winner, 1 hour can consume 850 kcal, in low intensity exercise, the treadmill is still the champion, consuming 550 kcal per hour. Treadmill exercise is equal to our usual running, if jogging, 30 minutes to consume 300 calories, medium speed running, then 30 minutes to consume 500 calories, fast running 30 minutes to consume 600 calories.

What are the tips for using the treadmill

Jog for 3 minutes, then increase the speed and keep it for 2 minutes (if you feel out of breath at the end it is just right). Walk for 30 seconds. Repeat the process again, but reduce the jog time to 2 minutes and extend the fast run time to 3 minutes. Walk for another 30 seconds. Repeat again. Finally, take a short walk to calm yourself down.

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