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Is a yoga ball useful for weight loss? How to lose weight with a yoga ball?

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Is a yoga ball useful for weight loss?

It is effective to use a yoga ball to lose weight. You can change different postures, cooperate with correct breathing, and achieve a meditation effect. When practicing, every movement should be the best, and you should also maintain 2 to 3 deep breaths. After completing a prescribed action and knowledge, you should keep it for a few seconds, so that you can consume more calories. Practicing yoga seriously consumes a lot of calories, which is about the same as playing a game of tennis.

The difference between the two exercise methods is that after playing tennis, you will feel a strong sense of hunger, but after practicing yoga, you will feel refreshed and not very hungry, so the effect of weight loss will be better. If you want to lose weight, you can sit on the yoga ball first, hold the ball with both hands for support, straighten your upper body, and then bounce the yoga ball. The two feet need to be separated along the ball surface, and then closed again. After repeating several times , raise your left hand high, do sideways movement with your right hand, put your right hand back on the ball, then sit down again, repeat the bouncing action and then do sideways movement to the left, the whole set of movements should be repeated five times , can make the fat in the thigh area be burned well.

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How to reduce stomach with yoga ball

1. Do plank support, with the tibia of the calf sticking to the yoga ball. Keep your feet, pelvis, and shoulders in the same line without arching your back. Do your best to hold on until you can't hold on anymore. rest.

2. Lie on your back, stretch your arms above your head, bend your legs, hold the yoga ball with your feet, lift your legs straight, roll your abdomen, lift your upper body, touch the yoga ball with your hands, and keep your legs and the ground at this time vertical. Hold for 2 seconds, keep your legs pinching the ball, and return your upper body to its original position. Repeat 12 times.

3. Lie flat on the yoga mat, hold the yoga ball with both hands, and lift the upper body off the yoga mat. Lift the left leg until it is perpendicular to the ground, and the right leg can be slightly off the ground. Keep the upper body, after the left foot touches the yoga ball, switch to the right foot. One time on both sides, repeat 12 times.

4. Sit on a yoga mat with the soles of your feet flat on the ground. Spread your shoulders, cross your hands behind your head, move your feet forward, and lie on your back. From this position, lift your head and shoulders, let your chest roll toward your pelvis, hold for 2 seconds, slowly return to a lying position, and repeat 12 times.

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Precautions for practicing yoga ball

1. When inflating the ball, hit it "eight full", so that the ball body is more elastic, and it is convenient to do clamping and grasping actions.

2. There are various sizes of yoga balls. Beginners can use small balls first, which is more convenient to control. Generally speaking, large balls are easier to balance, while small balls are lighter but not easy to balance.

3. When playing with a yoga ball at home, you can lay a yoga mat or towel on the ground to keep it clean and not easy to slip.

4. Although yoga ball exercises are not easy to be injured, you still need to pay attention to maintaining balance, especially when doing difficult movements such as wheel poses, you must use your hands to support them when you restore them.

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Four fitness effects of yoga ball

1. You can do it even if you have a back injury. Because of the soft force, yoga ball exercise is relatively safe. Even people with back injuries who need rehabilitation can also practice, which can avoid excessive impact on the joints, and it will be much easier to do.

2. Train the balance of the human body. The yoga ball is an "unstable" exercise device. When you leave the ground with the help of a yoga ball, you must try to maintain your balance, not to let the ball roll, and not to let yourself fall from the ball. Integrated Strength Control, which is great for maintaining body coordination and muscle strength.

3. Massage effect. The yoga ball movement will try to make the body fully contact with the spherical surface, and the yoga ball is made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the yoga ball will massage the body evenly and gently, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

4. Correct posture. When you sit on a yoga ball, all parts of your body are constantly making small adjustments to keep your body stable. These small movements can promote blood circulation, strengthen the back and abdomen, let you sit up straight involuntarily, open your shoulders, and correct your long-term wrong sitting posture.

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