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IM Knowledge Sharing|Pilates Equipment of Total Ability:Swing Bed/Cadillac Bed

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IM Knowledge Sharing|Pilates Equipment of Total Ability:Swing Bed/Cadillac Bed

About the Swing Bed/Cadillac Bed


The Trapeze Table, also known as the Cadillac, was designed and invented by Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, as the newest piece of equipment at the time. Why the swing bed and also known as "Cadillac bed", it is said to be from Mr. Joseph in the correction of a 12-year-old American boy's posture, the boy saw the bed exclaimed: "is not this the Cadillac?


The swing bed (Trapeze Table), as one of the main large apparatus in Pilates exercise, is structurally stable and sturdy, especially for rehabilitation training, and is an ideal exercise aid.

The Trapeze Table makes exercises safer and more progressive, and can effectively improve alignment, develop overall muscle strength, improve breathing, increase core stability, and enhance trunk control, balance and coordination.

Swing bed / Cadillac bed composition


Swing bed (Trapeze Table) contains a bed body, springs, hangers, tower bar, handle bar, swing frame, rings and other components, tower bar has high, medium and low three pivot points, by hanging different weights of springs to assist training. Spring weight is different to achieve different training purposes, the ring can assist trainers more comfortable and safe training. Through different movement design, you can exercise to all parts of the body.

SpringsSprings: Springs are available in different sets of forces and lengths. Generally divided into long, short, light and heavy.

Tower Bar: The pivot point of the tower bar has three positions: high, middle and bottom. The tower bar can be suspended by the spring above (usually a light spring) or pulled by the spring below (usually a heavy spring).

Swing Frame Trapeze: The swing frame is mounted on a crossbar that slides over the parallel bars above and is then fixed at any point.

Loops Loops: The feet use the loops to do the action.

Wooden handle / transmission rod WoodenDowel: Also known as Roll down rod.

Swing bed / Cadillac bed advantageous features


In the swing bed (Trapeze Table), you can exercise almost all the muscles of the body independently, while enabling the body to learn the correct movement patterns.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍  ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ The wisdom and advantage of the swing bed (Trapeze Table) is that it can be supplemented with many apparatuses that encompass almost all of the aids needed for Pilates training; the increase in movement and form creates a myriad of movements.

It provides a greater range of motion to meet individual training differences. Trainers can complete leg exercises in supine, lateral, prone and standing positions, allowing the legs to move in all directions during the exercise. The half-slide and full-slide meet individual training differences and train the whole body, especially the weak points. The Pilates bed is like a magnifying glass, revealing the body's easily hidden problems, and then improving them.

Accurate and safe exercise platform, more suitable for pregnancy, postpartum repair. The immovability of the swing bed (Trapeze Table) provides a more stable and safe practice platform for trainers - especially for those with limited physical activity; making it easier for trainers to master the movements, and each movement is better performed on a safe basis.


Create a buttock vest line and not lose fun. The use of spring weight difference, can effectively exercise the back of the thighs and buttocks, shaping tight legs and buttocks; in the swing bed (Trapeze Table), not only can complete some beautiful, technical suspension movements, while achieving the strengthening of body balance, flexibility and muscle strength effect.

The Trapeze Table enriches the way and form of Pilates, creating a myriad of movements. A Trapeze Table can accommodate almost the entire body and includes all the aids you need to perform Pilates exercises.

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