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How to use a yoga ball to lose weight 4 ways to practice thin legs and buttocks

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A yoga ball is also called an elastic ball. When watching TV, you can change from sitting on the sofa to sitting on the elastic ball. In order not to fall off, your abdomen is actually exerting force virtually, which also achieves the effect of weight loss. Here are the 4 most practical ways to practice thin legs and buttocks.

How to use yoga ball to lose weight

Action 1: Bouncy ball flat kick

The original flat pose is to put your feet on the ground. If you put your ankles on the elastic ball, you can increase the instability. In order to maintain your balance on the ball, you have to tense all your muscles, so the effect is doubled. And the cross-kicking can further enhance the training intensity, 10 times with the left and right feet, you can do 3~4 groups.

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Action 2: Bouncy ball sit-ups

Do crunches on a bouncy ball for extra ab work, and pair them with cross leg raises while engaging the hamstrings. You can continue to do it for one minute and repeat 3-4 groups.

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Action 3: Elastic Ball Bridge Pose

We have introduced the bridge exercise many times before. It is a very effective exercise for training the buttocks. If you put your feet on the elastic ball, it will not only increase the training of the gluteal muscles, but also strengthen the sculpture of the thigh muscles.

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Action 4: In addition to strengthening the training effect, the elastic ball can also be used as a stretching prop. Lying on the elastic ball, the curved spherical surface just stretches the back muscles and relieves the shoulder and neck lines. It is very comfortable!

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Simple usage of yoga ball

1. Upper body lying on the ball

Support the ground with your hands straight, legs together; stretch your back, lift one leg as high as possible, then lower it, and switch to the other side. It has the effect of thin legs and buttocks.

2. Standing posture

One leg is pressed on the fitness ball, the arms are bent and crossed behind the head, and the whole body is slowly stretched to the left, repeat several times, and perform on the other side. Exercise the waist, and have the effect of thinning the legs and arms.

3. Sitting on a ball

Keep your legs together, raise your hands upwards, with your fingers facing each other, take a deep breath, draw your abdomen in and straighten your chest, and lift your whole body upwards as much as possible. Thin waist and abdomen, tall and straight figure.

【How to do plank support with yoga ball】

a. The initial action is plank support, put the forearm on the ball.

b. The arms and torso form a 90-degree angle, and the body forms a straight line.

What size yoga ball is good

It's not that the bigger the yoga ball, the better. Some people think that the bigger the yoga ball, the better the effect of weight loss. This is wrong. The size of the yoga ball is directly related to your height. If you choose a yoga ball that is much larger than your height, it will easily cause physical injury during use. If you choose a smaller one, it will have no weight loss effect.

So when buying a yoga ball, be sure to choose a yoga ball of the right size according to your height. Generally, the height of women is about 1.6 meters, so for such a height, you can choose a yoga ball about 65 cm in size, and then make an appropriate choice according to this ratio.

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