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How to correct round shoulders, exercise shoulder fitness equipment

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How to correct round shoulders, exercise shoulder fitness equipment

Do you feel that you have some hunchback, do you feel neck pain, shoulder soreness, if so, then congratulations, it is likely not only the problem of round shoulders, more likely to be a series of problems caused by round shoulders. And the reason for the formation of round shoulders, whether for the work party or student party, the biggest killer is sitting without sitting phase, standing without standing phase.


   There are a lot of public figures at this time will say that you need to look up, you need to move from time to time, but in fact, these things can only treat the symptoms but not the root of the problem, can only alleviate the deterioration of the problem, but can not really reach the root of the problem.

   The biggest problem with round shoulders is the poor lifestyle habits that cause body image problems, which must be replaced with a good habit to really solve the problem. Among the many solutions, exercise is a good, fast-acting solution.

   Downward sloping push-ups are the most common way to exercise the shoulders with your bare hands. Raise your feet up and let the center of gravity focus on your chest, shoulders and back, when there will be a feeling of opening your shoulders, it is important to note that when doing push-ups do not collapse your back; complete enough repetitions; to increase the difficulty level, you can increase the height of the push-up board.

   Push-ups, downward sloping push-ups


   Kettlebells and dumbbells are commonly used to open the chest and lift the shoulders of fitness equipment, their small size, can be involved in the exercise parts and movements are very much, very suitable for training with the exercise shoulder. Kettlebells are characterized by a center of gravity that is far from the point of grip, and even a simple two-handed grip can call on all the muscles used to keep the body in balance, while dumbbells are more suitable for precise training of a certain part of the muscles.

    Dumbbells,Dumbbell Training

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