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How to choose a suitable for their home rowing machine?

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How to choose a suitable for their home rowing machine?

Home gyms are having a moment. While bikes and treadmills tend to get a lot of attention, another excellent piece of equipment for a full-body workout is the home rowing machine.

If you think of rowing as strictly a leg workout, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, according to statistics, rowing requires about 70 percent of a leg workout and 30 percent of an upper body workout. What makes rowers different from other home gym equipment is that they target and strengthen multiple muscles - including your quads, calves, gluteus maximus, arms, back, core and obliques.

If you also want an at-home workout that burns calories, then rowing is the way to go. You can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes of rowing, which is roughly the same amount of calories you would burn in the same amount of time as doing a moderate stationary bike workout or running at 5 miles per hour (12 minutes per mile). While rowing provides a similar calorie burn compared to running or spinning, it builds more muscle and is kinder to your body because it has a minimal impact.

Before you add a rowing machine to your cart, consider the three types of rowers on the market: wind resistance rowers, water resistance rowers, and magnetic resistance rowers.

Wind resistance rowers create resistance from the wind generated by the flywheel, which is connected to a fan that rotates when pulled.

Water resistance rowers collect resistance from the liquid in the water tank to simulate the feeling of rowing on a boat.

Magnetic resistance rowers use a braking system in which strong magnets are adjusted at different distances to set the level of resistance.

You will need to do additional research because they all have their own characteristics. For example, magnetic resistance rowers tend to be quieter, while water resistance rowers make a sound that can be contemplative - just like in open water. Other things to consider? Size, set-up location and whether storage is required.

As with any exercise, proper form is critical to reap the benefits and prevent injury. Start with bent knees, arms extended, back straight and core tight. Since strapping on a rowing machine is a little different than jumping on a treadmill or bike, you may want to take a rowing class or check out an online video to make sure you're moving correctly.

Ready to try a new fitness program on the (virtual) high seas? Here's our look at the different types of rowing machines on the market

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Wind resistance rowing machines

Founded in 1976, concept2 has been manufacturing world-class rowing products. This wind resistance rowing machine can not only meet your daily training needs, but also able to vertical storage, does not take up space.

Magnetic resistance rowing machine

Raetin rowing machine home professional grade intelligent silent magnetic resistance rower folding storage light luxury super fat burning fitness equipment 7KG custom flywheel / 32 block magnetic control resistance / exclusive personal training class

Raetin this magnetic resistance rowing machine function compared to wind resistance more, he has 32 block electromagnetic control resistance adjustment, but also through the Bluetooth control resistance, and also can be folded storage.

Water resistance rowing machine

Raetin intelligent rowing machine wooden water resistance home commercial rowing machine fitness equipment Pro

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Speaking of water resistance rowing machine, will certainly be the first time to think of Raetin (WaterRower), yes, is the "House of Cards" in the rowing machine, but this although stylish atmosphere, but also very expensive, here we recommend a relatively more cost-effective products.

This Raetin rowing machine not only has the characteristics of the general water resistance rowing machine, but also very well made, non-slip feet, multi-position foot pedal and other features, is also a good choice for beginners training.

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