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How many types of yoga are there? How many levels of yoga are there?

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How many types of yoga are there? How many levels of yoga are there?

Yoga is a kind of exercise that we have all heard of. Many people have also practiced yoga, and those who have practiced yoga should know that yoga is graded, but in fact there are many types of yoga, so we will come here How many types of yoga are there? What are the levels of yoga?

There are several types of yoga

1. Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, also known as (Ashtanga Yoga), is a very ancient yoga with a history of thousands of years and has always been called "power yoga". Focus on shaping and fitness, full of energy.

2. Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga is also known as traditional yoga (hatha), where "Ha (ha)" means the sun; "he (tha)" means the moon. It implies the balance of opposites such as male and female; day and night; yin and yang; cold and heat.

3. Flow Yoga, the English name of Flow Yoga is Flow Yoga, which is a very popular type of yoga in modern times. To a certain extent, Flow Yoga can be said to be a combination of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Because it not only emphasizes the harmony of movement and breathing, but also focuses on the overall exercise of strength and concentration. Because flow yoga gives people a beauty like flowing clouds and flowing water, and makes people feel a sense of coherence, so it is called "flow yoga".

4. Yin Yoga, the English name of Yin Yoga is Yin Yoga. It is a yoga suitable for men, women and children. Keep it for too long, so it is recommended that people who have a certain foundation of hatha yoga practice practice.

5. Hot yoga, hot yoga is called Hot Yoga in English, also known as hot yoga or hot yoga. As the name suggests, hot yoga needs to be practiced in a high temperature environment, that is, in an environment of 38 to 40 degrees. Because hot yoga can sweat quickly under high temperature, it can effectively help improve problems such as migraine and low back pain. It is especially suitable for office workers and can improve the flexibility of the spine.

6. Iyengar Yoga, the English name of Iyengar Yoga is Iyengar Yoga, and the basic posture is evolved from Hatha Yoga. Iyengar yoga is characterized by emphasizing the combination of human physiological structure and body movements, and usually uses some auxiliary tools to help practice, such as: bricks, belts, walls, etc. Suitable for beginners or people with stiff body to learn.

7. Pilates, the English name of Pilates is Pilates. Among many yogas, it can be regarded as a well-known yoga. Pilates integrates some elements such as yoga, Tai Chi, and ballet, and performs targeted training on muscle shape and joints. Pilates follows the exercise principle of exercising your own body weight, multiple times, small weight and meditation, and pays attention to the breathing method of nose inhalation and mouth exhalation. Pilates can better improve the spine and lumbar spine, so for those with poor spines, you can choose to practice.

8. Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is a new type of yoga in modern times. By using a rope hammock as an auxiliary tool, it combines traditional Hatha yoga asana, traditional Chinese medicine massage techniques, and Tai Chi harmony. The strength of pull, the elegance of dance and the fusion of yoga postures help practitioners complete all aerial yoga postures with half the effort.

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What are the levels of yoga?

1. The first level. The first level in yoga includes the first level and the second level. This is the entry level of yoga. Yoga practitioners at this level are mainly just getting started with yoga and are curious about everything about yoga. See About Yoga I am willing to try everything I see. When I see articles or videos about yoga, I will bookmark them. I will practice whenever I have the opportunity every day. I have a state of first love for yoga. This stage is also called the novice stage of yoga practitioners. At this time, I was ignorant of yoga and had just entered the world of yoga.

2. The second level. The second level in yoga includes the third and fourth levels. Yoga practitioners at this level already have a general understanding of the basic moves of yoga. At this moment, practitioners at this level are no longer satisfied with just looking for After looking for entry-level practice methods such as articles or videos, they started their own planning, including making more related like-minded friends to discuss with each other, including finding a more suitable professional teacher for guidance, including following their own The body to tailor the progress that suits you and so on.

3. The third level. The third level in yoga includes the fifth and sixth seasons. Yoga practitioners at this level have gradually begun to be dissatisfied with the superficial postures. They gradually understand that yoga is not a tool to show off by making difficult movements on the surface. It is to practice the way of the unity of body and mind. At this time, practitioners at this level gradually abandon the mentality of being satisfied with only doing difficult movements, and start to try to return to the essence of yoga and explore the unity of body and mind in yoga. Truth, comprehend life itself.

4. The fourth level. The fourth level in yoga includes the seventh to ninth levels. At this time, yoga practitioners who can reach this level can be said to have practiced the highest level of yoga. At this time, yoga is no longer a sport, but a transformation. It has become a belief and internalized into a lifelong habit of a person.

At this time, yoga has become an indispensable partner in your life, or you have internalized it as a part of your life, you may become a practitioner of yoga, or a promoter of yoga, or you just enjoy The peace and joy that yoga brings to you.

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Best time to practice yoga

Early morning, before breakfast, and evening are the best times to practice yoga. You can also practice at other times, but you must practice on an empty stomach or after complete digestion. Generally speaking, it is three to four hours after a meal. You can practice half an hour after drinking liquid food or beverages. It is more scientific to eat one hour after practicing; take a bath at least 15 minutes after practicing yoga.

Suggestion: Practice different content at different times, for example, practice asanas more in the morning, Pangda more at noon, and meditation more at night. Reminder: Try to practice at the same time every day.

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Yoga: Aerobic or Anaerobic

Yoga belongs to aerobic exercise, also known as aerobic exercise. This exercise can keep the body in a state of sufficient oxygen supply all the time. It is characterized by lower exercise intensity, rhythm, longer duration, and better consumption of calories in the body.

Yoga is a very popular exercise for many women, because this exercise does not require high strength. Long-term practice of yoga will improve the body's metabolic rate, increase the body's muscle content, and the body will become more and more symmetrical, and the body line will also change. of beauty. In the process of practicing yoga, it is required to relax the whole body and mind, get rid of distracting thoughts, and keep breathing and movements coordinated. Only in the process of practice can the waste gas, turbidity and other substances in the body be gradually discharged from the body, and the movements during practice will become coherent and smooth.

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