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Caring for your spine, Pilates protects your health

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Caring for your spine, Pilates protects your health


Mr. Pilates has said: The age of your spine represents your age. Spinal health is very important, and keeping the following exercises regularly will keep you from back pain and promote a healthy life.

As a Pilates instructor, I have observed that those clients who benefit most from Pilates have one thing in common: they practice consistently. However, studies have shown that the biggest obstacles to a regular practice are lack of time and lack of equipment. To address these issues, I recommend referring to a pattern of maintaining daily oral hygiene.

Just as consistent hygiene routines are adopted for daily dental care to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, a consistent spinal practice minimizes the likelihood of back injury and dysfunction while benefiting the joints of the extremities. Of course, Pilates spinal exercises are best done with Pilates equipment and instruction from an instructor, but when neither is available, practicing these spinal movement series is so much better than doing nothing. These exercises are not only designed to build movement, improve circulation and awaken muscles. They also warm you up for the necessary daily activities of the day.

The following movements address all planes of motion in the body and are inspired by some of the wonderful preparatory exercises developed by Ron Fletcher (a student of Mr. Pilates, a master) and traditional Pilates such as Mermaid, Semi-Circle and Long Stretch. When practicing them, it is important to focus completely, remembering The basic principles of Pilates, such as breathing, core, control, etc. (see Principles of Pilates Exercise). If you know that a movement is not working for you, make the appropriate modifications. For example, avoiding bending is recommended for osteoporosis.

Ron's Seated Foot Lift with Contraction or Hinge

Reference movement Pilates classics - Roll Up

Purpose: Encourage neutral sitting; activate and strengthen the deep spinal extensors (muscles along the spine); mobilize the lumbar spine (low back) in flexion; develop core control


Ron's Side-Bend and Spine Twist

Purpose: To practice spinal rotation and lateral bending


Long Stretch-Inspired Plank on Elbows

Purpose: Activate the entire body's stability system; stimulate the serratus anterior (the muscle that keeps the scapula connected to the rib cage)


Unilateral Tick Tock

Purpose: To practice lumbar rotation with upper back stabilization, thigh hamstrings



Reference movements Pilates classic mat movements Swan

Purpose: Flexion of the thoracic spine, strengthening the back extensors


Prone Knee Flexion with Hip Extension

Purpose: control over-arching back; lengthen quadriceps; awaken and strengthen gluteus maximus


Semi-Circle-Inspired Shoulder Bridge

Reference movement Pilates classic bridge series - pelvic rolls

Purpose: To improve flexibility of the spinal joints and extension of the trunk


"Lenses" on All Fours

Purpose: To enhance body proprioception, spinal flexion and extension


Ron's Plié

Reference to standing Pilates exercises

Improve standing posture


It is recommended that you explore changing the sequence of movements that make sense for your body's needs. Most importantly, breathe, explore, pay attention to your body and keep enjoying Pilates. Remember to stick with it!

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